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Leadership Program Overview

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The WinSETT Centre develops and delivers professional development for up and coming leaders tailored to early and mid-career female engineering, science, trades and technology professionals and the people with whom they work.

There are two components to the WinSETT Centre Leadership Program – full day Workshops and 90 minute Skill Builders.  The workshops are offered in person to women only and the Skill Builders are offered online or in person and are open to all genders.

Skill Builders and Workshops can be purchased by organizations or participants may purchase a seat in a publicly offered session, as they become available.  Contact us for more information on purchasing sessions at

Whether a Workshop or a Skill Builder, all components are highly interactive, engaging, based on research and best practices, focused on the reality of Canadian women in SETT and professionally facilitated. WinSETT has twelve (12) facilitators across the country, with deep knowledge of and lived experience from the SETT workplaces. They are engineers, scientists, tradespeople, educators, coaches, and technologists and all are passionate about improving the workplace culture and the leadership opportunities for women in SETT.

Skill Builders

Skill Builders focus on introducing those crucial leadership skills in an interactive 90 minute session, whether in person or online. They are open to all genders.

Skill Builder Topics:


The WinSETT Centre delivers a series of professional development workshops tailored primarily to early to mid-career female engineers, scientists, tradespersons and technologists in SETT. Graduate students and senior undergraduates have also benefited. The program has been developed by professionals based on the experiences of women in SETT and grounded in research and practices that work.

Workshop Topics:

  • Becoming Leaders: An Introduction to Leadership Skills and Strategies
  • Effective Communication for Women in SETT
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Negotiating for Success
  • Navigating the Politics of the Workplace
  • Building your Network of Champions through Allyship, Mentorship and Sponsorship

Programs Under Development

The WinSETT Centre strives to deliver high quality, timely and relevant training. The following are under development.

These programs are expected to be available in 2023.

  • Certification program to provide managers with the skills to improve workplace culture
  • New courses to develop leadership and career management skills

For more information, contact

These programs are made possible as part of the funding awarded from Women and Gender Equality for the new project:  Reducing Systemic Barriers in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (SETT) to Advance more Women In SETT.

Through this 30-month project, WinSETT will address systemic barriers in science, engineering, trades and technology workplaces.  Specifically, the project will help SETT organizations assess their culture, identify strategies and build plans to advance more women in SETT by developing an online assessment and action planning application; delivering a certification program to provide managers with the skills to improve workplace culture; and positioning women for success by developing their leadership and career management skills. WinSETT will be seeking SETT employers to work with WinSETT and its partners on this project.