Leadership Program Testimonials

The WinSETT Centre has been offering our Online Leadership Skill Builder sessions to participants from all across Canada since the fall of 2020. Participants have rated these sessions highly, especially when it comes to our skilled facilitators, interactivity, and having met expectations.

This was a fantastic course – one that all young women should take when starting off their careers. I was extremely impressed and will recommend this to other women in my network.

Recent Participant

What can you expect from a WinSETT Online Leadership Skill Builder?

Leadership Skill Builders are “slices” of our in-person workshops and are open to all genders. They are 90-minutes, online and built on the following principles:

  • Live Delivery: a WinSETT facilitator and moderator are both online to deliver the content, encourage the discussion, and respond to questions. All Skill Builders are facilitated over the Zoom platform.
  • Adult Learning: all Skill Builders are structured to meet the needs of Adult Learners, with in-depth pre-session and post-session materials to prepare and complete the learning experience.
  • Interactive: participation is limited to 35 registrants to ensure maximum interaction. We utilize breakout rooms, collaborative documents, polls, and other interactive tools.
  • A Safe Learning Environment: our Skill Builders are never recorded, only registered participants can enter, and the moderator will remove anyone behaving inappropriately.
  • Professionally Facilitated. WinSETT has nine facilitators across the country. They are engineers, scientists, educators, coaches, and technologists and passionate about providing leadership learning opportunities to women in SETT.
  • Professionally organized: session materials and online platform instructions sent in advance, reminders to registrants sent with clear instructions on how and when to join and what to expect in session, and all sessions are evaluated.
  • Provide networking opportunities: participants are from all over Canada get to know each other in the breakout rooms, all participants are invited to follow us on social media and join our mailing list for other events, newsletters, etc. 

The partnership between Enbridge and WinSETT has delivered tremendous value for our emerging leaders. The content delivered through the WinSETT Women’s Leadership Program covers key insights that women can draw on to position themselves as high-value talent. Our participants hold the program in high regard as it provides exceptional nudges to help them advance their careers

Kimberley Grant, Manager, Diversity, Inclusion & Talent Acquisition Strategy, Enbridge

Recent Participant Video Testimonial

What is the Price Tag?

To purchase a private skill builder session for your team, with 35 participants, is $2,200. There are discounts available for multi-session purchases. As an example, the Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science purchased 6 Skill Builders and offered them to their senior students once a month for 6 months.

WinSETT also offers the online skill builders publicly, where sales of individual seats are open to anyone. The cost per seat is $75. There are discounts for multi-seat purchases. For example, a consulting engineering firm purchased 25 seats and distributed the registration code to their employees enabling them to select the one of interest.

I see the need to have these workshops online so that more people in remote places can take the session together. We all learn from each other and consequently build a stronger community! Absolutely well done!!!

Anja Lanz, Design Engineer, Haakon Industry

Who should take these sessions?

We have designed the online skill builder sessions to be applicable to everyone. When women experience our unique blend of leadership content, with a focus on uncovering the gender-based barriers they encounter in technical fields, they feel seen, appreciated, and understood. When men hear the same content, they obtain new insights into what their female coworkers, classmates, and team members are up against: barriers that they themselves simply haven’t experienced. They gain empathy and awareness, as well as a powerful set of skills: the ability to be an ally, and be a leader that helps everyone in their workplace contribute at their best.

How can I Learn More?

For further information on the offerings of the WinSETT Centre, please contact Erica Lee Garcia at  winsettcentre@gmail.com.

I really enjoyed the content and facilitators. I felt very welcomed and enjoyed seeing all the faces! Well done!

Recent Participant

I feel very fortunate in having had the opportunity to participate in the first cohort of WinSETT in Houston. Some of the great benefits in participating in the program: 

-The program really did create a sense of comradery among those involved -Getting to know a group of women with the same background and hearing their stories aid in feeling that we are not alone in our careers, it’s empowering!  -Learning about the different leadership and communication styles provided the tools to navigate, with more confidence, through difficult conversations  -Gave me a new perspective on how important it is to be part of employee resources groups.