Toby Michaud B. Sc.

Toby Michaud is the Principal at Linksides Consulting and has spent her career, first as a wildlife biologist working in the field on wildlife inventory and ecology projects, before moving into a project management and leadership role, eventually launching her own facilitation and training business.

Michaud has had a fascination with the natural world since girlhood, leading her to a career in science, but her career also gave her skills in the areas of data interpretation and creative problem solving, while also showing her the lack of gender diversity in the sciences. She says she’s benefited from a lot of mentorship and support from women colleagues and leaders, and now it’s her turn to give back to women in SETT, which is why she got involved with WinSETT.

When she’s not working or facilitating, Michaud is still passionate about spending time outdoors, especially with her family, but she also loves curling up with a cup of tea and a great book.