Lindsay Gropp, Director 

Alberta Certified Power Engineer – Third Class

With a career beginning in upstream Oil and Gas operations, Lindsay challenged her Third-Class ABSA examinations while training as a Gas Pipeline Controller on the NGTL system for TC Energy. Upon completion of both qualifications, she was promoted to management in the Canada Gas Control Centre with focus on pandemic response and Coastal Gas Link readiness.

Shifting gears in 2023 she currently resides on Treaty 8 land in Alberta, now working as the Area Manager for the Aurora Central Team at TC Energy. Her team’s primary focus is ensuring safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to Intra-Provincial energy customers.

Lindsay is not one to shy away from addressing female representation in the workplace and beyond. She is passionate about addressing traditional gender roles, mindsets, and how workplace environments play a role in what women believe they are capable of. Collegial discussions with peers on topics such as team expansion and tradespeople have stoked Lindsay’s interest in contributing to a vision of inclusion in male dominated fields. Her lens on this issue is: instead of asking why diversity, ask why not.

Aside from her career, Lindsay enjoys spending time equally between the great outdoors with her 3 dogs and playing video games while remaining an active participant in the Alberta e-sports community.



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