Connecting Tradeswomen April 2024 Update

We are thrilled to share the latest progress update on our Connecting Tradeswomen project, funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy. Scroll down to read a snapshot of what’s been happening.

We’re excited to welcome Danielle Drudge to our Project Advisory Committee, bringing her wealth of experience as a tradeswoman into the fold. Together, we’ve finalized our Project Charter, ensuring our goals are clear and aligned with our vision.

Collaboration has been key! We’ve been talking with many individuals, organizations and groups that support tradeswomen across the country. This has been really helpful in shaping the direction of our project. In support of our collaborations, we’ve been mapping out the tradeswomen ecosystem – identifying existing programs, establishing relationships and working to amplify the value of our project through partnerships.

The most important part of our project is connecting directly with women in trades. We’ve attended events and alumni gatherings, engaging in conversations to gather feedback and promote our project. We have also launched an online survey to gather insights from tradeswomen directly. You can access the survey here: Feedback from tradeswomen continues to shape our approach, at every level – from our project Advisory Committee all the way through to material development and implementation. We’re in the process of developing tailored materials focused on professional development, mentorship and connection. As we forge ahead, we’re excited about the possibilities to support women in trades. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build connections and refine our approach.




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