Reducing Systemic Barriers for Women in SETT

WAGE Project Update

Through this thirty month project, WinSETT has been addressing systemic barriers in SETT workplaces. Specifically, this project has been looking at strategies that SETT organizations can use to assess their culture, identify strategies and build plans to advance more women in SETT by using a Maturity Model; delivering a certification program that provides managers with the skills to improve workplace culture and positioning women in SETT for success by developing their leadership and career management skills. 

Susan Hollett presented the work that has been completed with respect to the The Certificate for Managers. She is now revising sessions based upon the feedback received from the participants. At our January meeting Erica Lee Garcia presented her report on the Coaching Pilot to the Project Steering Committee. Dr. Lori Campbell will be sharing her work in the Maturity Model with the Project Steering Committee in February. The team will have a final meeting in March.