Skill Builders Overview

Career Building Basics Series: 5 online sessions, each 90 minutes, running on Thursdays.  

  • Self Promotion Your Way
  • Introduction to Negotiation
  • From Difficult to Effective Conversations
  • Navigating Workplace Politics
  • Mentors and Sponsors

Collaboration and Teamwork Tune-up Series:  5 online sessions, each 90 minutes, running on Tuesdays.

  • Exploring Communication Styles
  • Collaborating through Generations
  • Working with Challenging People
  • Difficult to Effective Conversations
  • Fundamentals of Leading Change

Supervisors and Senior Leaders Starter Pack Series: 6 online sessions, each 90 minutes, running on Wednesdays. 

  • Unconscious Bias: What you need to know
  • Microaggressions: A Primer
  • Allyship for Everyone
  • Recruiting Women in SETT 
  • Retaining women in SETT 
  • Towards Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces

Please purchase individual tickets for the sessions you would like if that works better for you. We regret that we cannot reschedule or offer credits for sessions you cannot attend.



We are currently offering in-person workshops to private organizations only. Contact for more information.