Laleh Behjat, Director

Laleh Behjat

Laleh Behjat received a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2002 and has since been a professor in Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. An Iranian woman, Behjat says she had two options to ensure her independence: either become a doctor or engineer and she chose engineering. Several years into her career, she says she’s sure engineering was the right choice because she loves creating new things and making change in people’s lives. Behjat found WinSETT through its Leadership Development professional development programs, which she says gave her the opportunity to grow in her own career. Joining the board and encouraging others in SETT was the next logical step. She says WinSETT helped grow her confidence, to learn how to use her voice, and take chances in her career.

When she’s not at work, Behjat can usually be found reading or having exciting conversations with her friends and colleagues about big ideas.